Panic at the Disco - Nine In The Afternoon

Panic at the Disco are back with a second album, and less ‘!’ in their name. The first single to be released from ‘Pretty.Odd.’ is the entrancing ‘Nine In The Afternoon’.

I have been bouncing along to this track since the first minute I heard it on a music channel a few weeks ago. The video is of course laughable much like their previous single ‘I Write Sins Not Tragedies.’

The pounding beat is extremely catchy, as are the incredible hooks. Vocals from Brendon Urie have that purity about them while the music has an irresistible element contained. The chorus “Nine in the afternoon/Your eyes are the size of the moon/You could 'cause you can so you do/We're feeling so good/just the way that we do/When it's nine in the afternoon” is amazingly put together.

‘Nine In The Afternoon’ is by all means the catchiest track I’ve heard this year.