The Mission - Masque

‘Masque’ is another re-release from The Mission, this one however, with a slightly different sound.

When material for this album, originally released back in January 1992, was first heard, many fans of the band and the music got a little worried about the path these lads were heading on. This was due to the direction in which the music was following and the way in which Hussey's song writing had developed. The majority of tracks on this release have a more pop, bouncy feel, which dangerously drifted from their previous work, so much so their goth-rock following diminished greatly. This still however, remains the album Hussy is most proud of, and I don’t blame him.

From the get go the scene is set with ‘Never Again’, a track much like ‘Lovely’ on ‘Carved In Sand’ where surround sound is used to encourage atmospheric alterations. The trickling waters, cows and slight chanting were excellent. Like wise ‘Spider And The Fly’ has such a dramatic entrance, I visualise the scene from the Karate Kid where they tray and catch flies with chopsticks…weird I know, but creative.

A few other points of interest to watch out for are the infectious beats that go together with ‘Even You May Shine’ as they are bound to get your body moving; my feet couldn’t help but tap along; likewise, ‘She Conjures Me Wings’ is a fairly bouncy number. The chorus has a kind of chant with “drink drink drink” shouted which is grasping. The majority of tracks are upbeat and what you would typically want on such a record. There are two that differ however. ‘Who Will Love Me Tomorrow?’ has more of an indie impression surrounding it; the piano against the fast paced drumming was something that stood out in my ears. Then there is the ballad ‘You Make Me Breathe’. This is one that Westlife would be thankful for and completely jealous of; the saxophone was an excellent addition.

Much like their previous work this album sounds great and a good listen.