Mystery Jets - Twenty One

‘Twenty One’ is the second album to be released from four-piece Indie band Mystery Jets, and quite a big jump forward for the band, with a variety of different people writing songs and putting input into the lyrics to make some quite catchy number.

This mix of oddball pop-related tracks has some youthful elements, which add to the upbeat side of things, but with the maturity of the band making an appearance add more depth.

The album begins with a warning siren screeching through to the start of ‘Hideaway’. At first this track may seem like noting to take note of, but the chorus develops and becomes quite likable. The rest of the album suits much of the same manor. ‘Behind The Bunhouse’ hardly has any beat until the first minute and a half has past when subtle guitar pipes in; it becomes a full-blown number towards the end, ‘First To Know’ will keep you on your toes with its slower verses and faster chorus and ‘Hand Me Down’ is quite varied and unsettled to begin with but with its mix of instrumentals, becomes a wonder.

‘Flakes’ seems to me more emotional and have more feeling and sentiment put into it, which is felt through a listener. It has the anthem styling with images of arms waving at a gig, blue and purple lights flashing and the sensation of actually being there live.

Two track in particular stand out for the use of instrumentals. ‘Veiled In Grey’ for its intense and expressive instrumental and ‘Two Doors Down’ for its use of a saxophone solo and excellent keys. It is areas such as these in a song that make a listener such as myself actually believe that thought and creativity have gone into producing track of greatness. It proves time and effort have gone into making the tracks stand out for their musical elements as well as the lyrical of vocals side of things.

The vocals stand out for reasons all by themselves. Folk pop singer Laura Marling features as a guest vocalist on ‘Young Love’. What is created from this is a wonderful mix of double-layered male female vocals. The harmonies present on ‘Hand Me Down’ stand out for the deeper voice buried underneath and really set the track apart from others.

From this album it is plain and simple why I have been told numerous time that Mystery Jets are a band to listen to. They create sounds that you may otherwise not pay particular notice to if they were not accompanied by such artistic power and talent. The album is an advisable listen.