Impressive name, Impressive album

Size: despite being a relative complex (something being as only as big as the thing you are comparing it to) does matters. Most things are held up, talked about and discussed in regards to it and for some things, smaller is better. Models, for example, are thought to be better than us normal’s as there is less of them (although that is a contradiction as if they were more, wouldn’t there be more to like?). However, bigger is usually far more impressive. Take all those rappers you see on Cribs, do they live in little flats and drive Smart Cars? Have you ever seen them with a tiny little fridge freezer in their kitchen’s and two seater couch in their living rooms with a 14 inch TV in the corner?

Hailing from Derry, Northern Ireland and compromising members of Jetplane Landing and Clearshot, Fighting With Wire sound huge. They sound like the kind of band that should be selling out stadiums all over the world, and they have the songs to do it.

With a touch of Foo Fighters, in regards to the way that they can make a great pumping power house of an anthem and a little dash of Biffy Clyro for good measure, Fighting With Wire seem to have immediately hit upon the major league.

Ridiculously hook laden, every song pours from it sweat, energy and enthusiasm. Opener ‘Cut The Transmission’ is an immediate hit of interlocking guitars, impassioned singing and falling drums and is impressive as they come as an opener. Quickly followed by the delightfully titled ‘Everyone Needs a Nemesis’ is all spiky vocals and guitars building and building steadily until a frenetic climax and is bound to be a live favourite due to its sing along qualities. With the triumphant hands aloft affirmation of a chorus of: “Resist burning bridges, you should try and formulate a plan/Small truth in anything you try to say or do, please understand”. This is really, really good fare.

Although sounding a little American at points, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, Man Vs. Monster is an accomplished album choc full of melodic, balls out rock and if it represents only a small amount of their live capabilities, you would be very foolish indeed to miss them on their upcoming tour.

In short, to quote everyone’s favourite intergalactic bad guy to sum up this album: “impressive, most impressive”.