Sick puppies from the Steel City

When this EP turned up, I assumed this was just another emo band with a pretty CD case. How wrong I was. Bring Me The Horizon take their influences out bands such Norma Jean and the uncomprehendingly heavy Converge rather than any of this emo pap found on the market today.

This EP is four tracks of stunning DIY hardcore being the soundtrack of a burgeoning scene. The guitars are so focussed in their delivery and the larynx-shredding vocals create a twisted amalgam of noise ready to induce a circle-pit on command. The best word to describe this album is schizophrenic with tempo changes that are so jaw dropping one can only imagine what this would sound like live.

With America dishing out the incredible noise-merchants like the Black Dahlia Murder or the ever-influential Dillinger Escape Plan, us Brits seem to be unleashing very suitable counterparts to these aural monsters and Bring Me The Horizon are a prime example.