Synth Showers

Fuck Buttons are one of the best undiscovered noise merchants out there. Their gritty, trance-worthy electro meanderings will never grace the commerical radiowaves, but for the initiated, their stunning atmospheric creations will both soothe and evoke new passions. 'Sweet Love For Planet Earth' starts as a sparkling, spaced-out ripple of synths and is soon overtaken by raucous sonic waves and grimey vocal howls. 'Ribs Out' sounds like the early stages of evolution on beloved planet Earth with tribal percussion and echoing eerie primate calls shuddering through the regular rhythmic patter. The insistent pace is increased in the turbulent, 'Okay, Let's Talk About Magic' which sees a bludgeoning synth scale thunder over skittering beats; the doomy beats have a sense of foreboding that hangs over the piece like the apocalypse.

Hardly the slumber-inducing bliss that the title may suggest, 'Race You To My Bedroom/Spirit Rise' is a mixture of raw vocal racket and searing synth lullaby attempting to drown out the aching techno echoes. 'Bright Tomorrow' evokes all the colours of the rainbow in its childishly simple synth scales, a chilled and mellow breather before the aggressive, metallic tones kick in again to add a racey edge.

'Street Horrrsing' is a fabulous sonic headacheful of shimmering, vibrant synth sounds, clattering beats and tribal trips that's simply off the everyday spectrum.