Four Year Strong - Rise Or Die Trying

The US are releasing yet another pop punk band onto our shores. This one takes the form of five lads each talented in their own rights but together…they have power to rule the world.

A few years ago they were five simple lads growing up in Massachusetts, USA, and now they are five lads who have created an amazing album under the name Four Year Strong and have already made an impact on the music industry over in the states. Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy rated the lads so highly he instantly signed them to his label, Decaydance Records. They are now ready to take on British audiences.

Their debut release over here is ‘Rise Or Die Trying’ and consists of a mesh with catchy pop guitars, punk attitude, rather heavy vocals at times and some elements of hardcore. Bands like New Found Glory, Fall Out Boy and Panic at the Disco all come to mind when listening to the tracks.

The album begins by trying to take over with ‘The Takeover’. Enter the bells, hit the sirens and the gig is about to begin…wait it’s not a gig, it’s an album but it’s sure to go down a treat live. For the remainder of the tracks, each varies a little but remains passionate about the pop melodies and would knock your socks off. 'Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die' has the frantic guitar sounds to begin and continues on the sharp path, while 'Catastrophe' remains zealous with its extremely catchy upbeat pop punk approach.

The vocals are a bundle of…unpredictability. For the majority of the time it’s the precious pop harmonies that contain the remedy for all broken hearts, angry break ups and smiley Sundays. The vocals blend and complement each other particularly well on 'Prepare to Be Digitally Manipulated'. They take over the airwaves of 'Abandon Ship or Abandon All Hope' shouting at a listener to pay attention with the bouncy melodies. 'Wrecked 'Em? Damn Near Killed 'Em' is like an anthem of vocals that possess the power to make you want more, the harmonies stand out with two lines and two voices and a whole lot of whacked out individuals, going back and forth from vocalists on 'Beatdown In the Key of Happy' while singing lines such as “You’re a gamble/And I’ve got nothing left to lose or prove/You think you got me in the back of you pocket and you do” gives a listener tingles, then there is the relentless screaming that has such an impact each is enough to take your breath away.

Its all good these guys are American, but they sound like some of our own British talent. Looks like its good on both sides of the water.