Light inoffensive summer pop

It starts off as the classic tale of boy being in love with girl next door but without any bye or leave, the object of his affection turns into the girl two doors down. Whatever happened to the original girl? What did she do to be dumped in the time before the chorus kicks in? To give Blaine Harrison his due, he did hear that the new girl he loves has a penchant for dancing to ‘Marquee Moon’ by Television which is a good start for any relationship.

The changing nature of his affections does indicate a mind that changes quickly and this is carried over into the feel of the music. It’s a schizophrenic little number, at times it is light and summery but it’s a bit limp and wet to at these points. Of course, limp and wet is probably the perfect music for the traditional Great British weather but the songs perks up at other moments. The horn break has 80s film written all over it and repeated listens add a bit more life to the song.

The chorus is alright but that’s mainly due to the chiming and slightly Oriental sounding backing, the vocals really fail to ignite or spark at any point. In fact, such is the whining and cloying nature of the vocals that you cant ever imagine any girl falling in love with the owner of the high pitched whine…unless she was as equally limp and wet herself.

The Mystery Jets got a lot of press and praise for their previous single and whilst ‘Two Doors Down’ isn’t bad or offensive, there is no chance will get as many people hooked as their last single did. Sorry lads but it will leave you more time to start up that neighbourhood watch scheme.