Overblown Rock Theatrics

Christer André Cederberg is one of a long line of musicians who have broken free from their bands to create solo projects, having been part of With In The Woods, Drawn and Animal Alpha, his musical contributions have already covered a range of styles. Stille Oppror sees Cederberg working with session musicians to create a various of experimental tunes. Although the album is full of interest, it also feels rather overblown, perhaps reflecting on the fact that Cederberg has struck out on his own and had full freedom for the first time, creating tunes that veer from mood to mood and last over 5 minutes. There may occasionally be beauty in simplicity, especially as it's more likely to stick in your mind than these organic, free-formed tracks.

'Meanwhile' is a raging rock titan with growling guitars, crashing cymbals and echoing, corrosive vocals that build to jagged peaks, while 'Disquietude' is a dramatic tune starting with the poignant lyrics, "I'm proud of you" over soft, gently strummed guitar chords. Ten minute epic title track, 'S.o2' has an almost industrial, fierce guitar riff that suddenly implodes into soft chords before returning to what sounds like a curious mix of post-metal theatrics

'Reconnect' is a soft, slow-building number with interlocking male and female vocals with far more tenderness than on the earlier tunes, unfortunately the soft nature of the tune means that you may find your mind wandering a little too much due to the lack of structure. The vocals give an operatic feel with an underlying sinewy bed of guitars, 'Reconnect Outro' focuses in on the angry guitars, which fluctuate like furious bees ready for an attack. Don't get me wrong, I hate generic music that simply following a formula, but the perfect three and a half minute song is the hardest thing to make simply because it means synthesising all of your ideas into the perfect length for easy listening and you can't help but feel that if Stille Oppror refined this material, it would be far more memorable. If you're into the theatrics of prog rock in a modern setting, then 'S.o2' will appeal and it certainly offers something different, but you'd have to be very into the music to have an attention span long enough to keep with the album for its entire duration as more than background listening.