Second album lucky for Oregon singer-songwriter

It’s amazing, the quality of a record that you can produce in your own bedroom. And that’s exactly what Jacob Golden does. Although, to be fair, he has the talent to produce a good record regardless. A more upbeat acoustic outing for Mr Golden here, which neatly avoids the clichés of modern singer-songwriters. ‘On A Saturday’ is a neat observational ditty that manages to be quietly intimate and yet as accomplished as anything else produced today.

The B-side, ‘’Merican’, is a cover of a song by US punks The Descendents. While most Brits won’t be familiar with the tune, Golden’s version is a perfect introduction. Sweetly innocent acoustic guitar compliments the bitter and needle-sharp point on the lyrics. And that’s Jacob Golden’s appeal • there’s more to him than the “I love you/Yes I do…” most acoustic numpties can come up with.

Taken from the new album ‘Revenge Songs’, this deserves to be the single that brings Jacob Golden the success he deserves, and the album has already built up critical acclaim. Who needs studios anyway?