A sound for those artistically inclined in their music

With its electronics and dark beat ‘Nightrocker’ has a distinctly ‘Tainted Love’ feel to it. It has that breathless, disturbing quality and the way the vocals are layered is masterful with a softness playing through the background while the more masculine sound is threaded through this. This is definitely a heartbeat changing number.

‘Kiss Chasing’ starts up with what seems to be a very ‘twee’ sound but it is brilliantly executed as just when you think ‘Nahh!’ the song really kicks in and is a fabulously fluid number full of great lines like ‘The girls gloss their lips, the boys chew their gum, some girls gloss their lips for no-one’. This hits a lot of spots with its lyrics. There is also a summer sound to this number which although it is light in essence does not go too far the wrong way. Again beautiful vocals abound here.

‘Love Punch’ moves back to a dark sound again and has spirals of sounds that mix and merge well, watch out for the clapping here.

And ‘David Boring’ shows the bands ability to play psychedelia well. Moving into a heavier beat through the number it possesses a hint of menace.

The Chalets have a good blend of musical style here and appear to have mastered the art of hinting at the dark side of life though a veil of light.