Little Man Tate - What Your Boyfriend Said

‘What your Boyfriend Said’ marks a return to the music industry for Sheffield four piece, Little Man Tate. Due to their extensive use of the Internet, including their myspace page, the band have developed a huge and ever growing fanatic fan base with listeners all over the world. If the new single, taken from the forth-coming untitled album, is anything to go by, this indie rock band is definitely something to take note of.

Being their eighth single, they must be doing something that is grasping the attention of individuals far and wide. ‘What your Boyfriend Said’ is indie rock in its purest form. It has an incredibly catchy rhythm to it that is especially noteworthy in the chorus. There is a mellow section to take clutch onto that builds to great levels of enthusiasm and energy before exploding.

This is a song that makes you long for the release of the album.