Sophisticated Jazzy Melody

'To Be Loved' is the first single to be taken from multi-instrumentalist Joan Wasser's new album, 'To Survive'. Joan's debut album, 'Real Life' was a low-key hit, launching the highly talented musician into the spotlight in her own rights, after years of performing live with other bands. 'To Be Loved' is a soft, slightly jazzy tune that waltzes gently along with an understated, happy glow. There's a certain swing to the relaxed bass and fluttering melody that feels somewhat musically safe, but also very sensual and sophisticated.

'To Be Loved' is far from a bad tune, but it's also a slow-grower that simply saunters along, rather than trying to carry the listener on a journey, for this reason it's an odd choice of single, but with the strength of previous material, the new album is definitely still worth checking out. If you're looking for pleasant, whimsical summer listening, then you'll be pleased with this.