Dirty Pretty Things - Tired of England

Fronted by Carl Barât, a former member of The Libertines, Dirty Pretty Things are rocking the music industry with ‘Tired of England’ the first release from their second album ‘Romance at Short Notice’.

‘Tired of England’ is a lively number that begins immediately and never gives up trying to impress the listener. The chorus is incredibly catchy and the guitar riffs and harmonious melodies are enough to sit and listen to in the sun if the summer ever decided to grant us the pleasure of its presence. The funny part comes when the band sing about the Queen of England with lines like “the Queen of England sits on her throne, with bingo cards and chicken bones.” The sort of imagery that flows through a listener with this line alone is priceless, not to mention the remainder of the tracks implanted visions.

The band has a UK tour planned for the autumn so catch Dirty Pretty Things live and wild while you can.