Vaughan King

Vaughan King is an astonishingly brilliant artist. His music holds depth and significance and his lyrics are stimulating. He’s not only a lyricist but he’s a poet, a genius. There is a melancholy yet beautiful side to his music. It is rather gloomy, and mysterious but equally marvellous.

“The Triumphant” opens with “The Forgiven and The Forgotten”, one of the best songs you’ll ever hear. The sound of echoing repetitive acoustic guitars, the sound of sorrowful cello in the background and some powerful lyrics delivered by Vaughan; his talent is simply immeasurable. Shortly followed by “Two Souls”, a naturally gloomy, dark song, with an indefinable beauty to it. One can’t quite pinpoint what makes it so magical; perhaps it’s again the marvellous cello playing. All that said, but the best track on the album by far is probably “This Empty Landfill”…why??…well because the lyrics are so acutely pensive, the musicianship is complementary to the mood of the song, it isn’t overdone. It’s the closest you’ll possibly get to music perfection.

If you enjoy listening to thought-provoking music, songs with purpose and lyrics with meaning, then this album is definitely for you.