Another club foot-stomper for Manchester brightest young things

‘Blackout’ is the fourth extract from The Whip’s debut offering ‘X Marks Destination’ and has become a firm indie club dance floor favourite, and with good reason.

Right from the off the guitar makes your feet itch, your neck starts bobbing back and forth and there is a compelling urge to dance - a sure sign that either a) you haven’t been taking your meds or b) this is a sugar coated slice of electro pop that deserves your undivided attention and will make you sweat. The beat is consistent throughout with all manner of keyboard squeals and effects swarming over it, finished nicely with gravelly and ever-so-slightly sleazy sounding vocals - a recipe so good Gordon Ramsey would be proud, if he dabbled in electro every now and then.

Hot on the heels of club favourite ‘Trash’, The Whip deliver yet again with an incredibly catchy and delicious effort that further secures their growing reputation as being one of the UK’s brightest young things. Marvellous!