Standing Next To Me Single

Amidst festival season The Last Shadow Puppets release their second single, Standing Next To Me. Thankfully this is one of few songs from the number one selling album to remain unscathed from a 16 piece orchestra. Simple, flourishing acoustic guitar accompany subtle, swooning strings to lend a catchy, delicate ditty. Undoubtedly the dual vocals work in tandem beautifully; Kane leads yet Turners backing vocals provide ample lift at vital moments. Alongside this innocently well placed nostalgia comes a charmingly quaint, bordering on naïve, romanticism of young love at play. The rumours are true, this is retrospective of The Swinging 60s in all but format.

The only lamentable note to make is the tragically short duration at little over two minutes long. Starting slowly enough that just when you expect something tangible to be heard the track peters off leaving short trace to remember itself by. Single worthy? Probably not, but still a gorgeous track.