Primal Scream keep on rockin’.

Primal Scream are back again and it seems that this time they couldn’t properly decide between rock n roll guitar band or electro sleaze merchants. ‘Can’t Go Back’ is the first single from the forthcoming ‘Beautiful Future’ album and is said to be fairly evocative of the new records sound.

Pre-talk of the album was of the Krautrock and Suicide influence and you can kind of get that impression from the single. The underlying synth stabs power the song on and there is that overall scuzzy feeling that does suggest a return to some of the rockier moments from ‘Xtrmntr.’

Bobby Gillespie is still the master of the say nothing rock n roll cliché lyrics but that is part of the fun of the Primals and when its delivered in his usual breathy style, its hard to get annoyed. That and he throws in some excellent “woo-hoos” near the end.

Its not going to please the straightforward rock n roll fans who were delighted with ‘Riot City Blues’ but for fans who like Primal Scream to have a bit more menace about them, this one is on the money.