Popup - Love Triangle/Pull The Fuse

Popup are one of Scotland’s hidden talents, and after hearing these two tracks, you begin to wonder why.

This band has a buried sound that only really creeps up towards the end of the track. The first track, ‘Love Triangle’ begins with a repetitive underlying of a drumbeat pounding away that melancholy sinks in as the vocals drown on. It builds to a pace that suddenly falls apart. The second track, ‘Pull the Fuse’ has a more open beginning with a rummaging riff and follows through in a similar wild child style, losing all sense at the end.

Where most bands lose an accent to the music they are singing, something losing their origins, Popup’s lead singer seems to retain his Scottish accent as he sings/speaks on each of these tracks, and the female harmonies sit adjacent.

Watch out or the bands debut album ‘A Time And A Place’ released this autumn.