Funeral For A Friend

When you hear the words “Funeral For A Friend”, what do you think of? A band whose music you live your life by? A band whose music you used to live your life by? Funeral For A Friend are a band with a big past, three gold selling albums, nine top 20 singles, more than twenty magazine cover appearances and over half a decade of touring experience. Now they have their own record label to add to their list of achievements. This of course poses the question, “Will this new found freedom and lack of pressure from a major label bring a change in their music?”

“Beneath The Burning Tree” and “Waterfront Dance Club” are both quite up-beat songs which combine some of the old sounds of Funeral For A Friend and a lot of the newer sounds. Happy sounds seem to ooze from the band in recent years and leave many wondering where the grit and dirtiness of older material has gone. These new tracks show glimors of this, especially in “Waterfront Dance Club” a track which has the occasional scream and a slightly moodier feel than “Beneath The Burning Tree”.

Overall these two tracks are, as always, very easy and enjoyable to listen to. Are Funeral For A Friend back with relevant music and exciting sounds? From these two tracks I have high hopes, but only time will truly tell.