Modern Masterpiece

Yes yes yes yes yes this is exactly what the music world needs! David Cronenberg’s Wife are a dark, vaguely geeky, partially gothic, totally unique alternative outfit seemingly unafraid of trends, sales and presumably cultivating any mentally stable fans.

‘Runaway Pram’ in English sounds like The Fall doing a musical interpretation of a Bela Lugosi film. It’s odd, eerie and vaguely disturbing but absolutely addictive with it. Even more worryingly than this actually being so weird it’s enjoyable, is the fact the band have chosen to add both German and Russian versions of the single as B-sides, a stroke of sheer genius in every respect.

This is wonky musical articulacy and much more than a throw away novelty. I want to hear much much more from this group and I’m willing to listen to anything they do in any language they see fit to sing in. An actual modern masterpiece!