6 Day Riot - 'Bring On The Waves EP'

Following on from last year’s debut album ‘Folie A Deux’ comes this wonderful little EP from London-based folk-pop outfit 6 Day Riot. As the title suggests, ‘Bring On The Waves’ fizzes along with an enthused sense of invincibility, the hazards of rising sea levels or a floundering music industry receding in significance in their boisterous wake.

This exuberant energy comes in no small measure from Tamara Schlesinger’s vocals, her strident voice ringing above the cheerful bedlam issuing from the rest of the band. Single ‘Go! Canada’ is effortlessly appealing, guitar, drum and bass being filled out with an eclectic cavalcade of ukuleles and trumpets. ‘Sky Father’ is also fun, a mariachi feel and solo violin filling out the band’s attractive folk-pop mix.

The moody little ballad ‘Gerald And The Gliders’ is more low key, before the band winds things up with the defiant epic ‘The Last Stand’, another song to file away on my imaginary Kill Bill II soundtrack. 6 Day Riot give every impression of being completely fearless - they’ve even released ‘Bring On The Waves’ on their own label, Tantrum Records. When the music is this good, it’s difficult not to think that their confidence is completely warranted.