Summer favourite hits a rare dud note

I don’t know about sleeping through the static, it’s more likely you’ll sleep through the single. Jack Johnson has built a solid reputation on mellow acoustica, usually very memorable and summery. It’s a shame that this one isn’t quite up to standard. It’s obvious he’s made an attempt to shake up the formula, all to his credit. But it comes across as a monotone attempt at Dylan’s Subterranean Homesick Blues, questionable rhymes and all. It’s a curious combination of ambitious writing and underplayed music, like Johnson’s trying to move on and remain stationary at the same time.

Both existing fans and new converts would be better off buying the album rather than just the single. It’s not a bad single, just uninspiring and a bit all-over-the-place with harder lyrics and softer music. Consider this the first tentative steps towards a promising new direction.