Look out sunshine...I wish

Following the success of the Fratellis debut album ‘Costello Music’, and the tremendous second release ‘Here We Stand’, the band look set to bring a little bit of brightness in the lives of their listeners with this release. I doubt they were counting on the British summer being drenched by rain and thunderstorms when thinking of the next single to be released, but this track may bring the light we have all been after for the last few months.

‘Look Out Sunshine’ is the second single to be released from the bands current album and is an indie track to be proud to sing along to. It has its cheerful atmosphere and optimistic rhythms, but is also bursting to the seams at some points with a separate electric riff overlaying the original underpinning that grasped your attention from the start.

‘Look Out Sunshine’ may actually have nothing to do with the weather itself, but its style and tone may give you that little bit of sunshine you needed to brighten your day.