A Fond Farewell

The demise of fabulous Canadian electro rock band The Organ was a sad moment in recent musical history but the 5 girls got back in the studio to record a farewell EP with 6 final tunes that would have formed part of their second album and deserved to see the light of day. It’s always sad to see the demise of a promising band that call it a day before they reach their perceived potential; the emotional intensity of ‘Thieves’ perhaps reflects The Organ’s members’ feelings about their untimely split.

The opener, ‘Even In The Night’, is distinctly melancholy with Katie Sketch’s echoing, hollow vocals reverberating against the stark keyboard riffs. It lacks the poppiness of the band’s debut album and feels rather full of emptiness of the morning after the night before. Thankfully there do follow some bright moments on this come-down record; ‘Oh What A Feeling’, is a cute, fun tune despite its slightly sorrowful lyrics, “loneliness is everywhere” and discordant synth sobs. ‘Let The Bells Ring’ delivers sharp aphorisms in aching vocals above a jangly backing, recalling the deadpan delivery and flowery riff of The Smiths. Then there’s the brief ‘Fire In The Ocean’ which offers an irascible tension with its rhythmic bursts of impassioned vocals; it’s a short, sharp punchy track that breaks up the more slow and sorrowful numbers scattered about here. ‘Don’t Be Angry’ is an apt ending, perhaps speaking directly to the disappointed fans with a title like that. It’s a gorgeous, resonating ballad with a slight folk feel and tearjerking qualities about its measured pace and intertwining vocal melodies. Where, ‘Grab That Gun’ was fizzy and effervescent, even despite underlying gloom, speaking of boys’ bedrooms and starting bands, ‘Thieves’ is the aftermath, the regrets and the older, wiser resignation to the real world. If only it didn’t have to end this way. It’s hard to love an EP that represents the end of something and this album feels more designed to give closure than offer fans top new tunes, but it’s a must listen for any fan.