A Time and a Place

The recent album release by Scottish band Popup is ‘A Time And A Place’.

After hearing the first song, ‘Love Triangle’ I was incredibly tempted to switch off the album and not even bother listening to the rest. But, fighting back my first judgments I ploughed on and gave the other twelve songs a listen. The songs mix some indie vibes with power pop riffs,but it's not the kind of album I could listen to in my spare time.

'Poison Apple’ is a fast paced indie number that may have a catchy little chorus but there is something unsatisfying and slightly irritating about it. ‘Stagecoach’ is just as powerful in its annoying manner, repeating the same beat again and again and again and again, to the point where I wanted to cover my ears and cry.

If I felt this irritated over three songs I was dreading the rest. What came along was ‘The Savoir Of Judas Mcdade’, one of the albums slower, yet darker tunes, this was followed by ‘Chinese Burn’, where the vocals were practically drowned out by the vibrant electric riffs. The lyrics were some I would not like to hear repeated. Then there was the fast paced ‘What’s The Matter Now?’ which when accompanied by backing hums and voices was agonising to listen to. By the time I got to the album's closing track ‘Lucy, What You Trying To Say?’ I was just thankful it had finished.