FFAF by numbers.

Back in the day FFAF were quite heavy, not any more though; this is a super poppy track taken from their fourth album. Muted guitars and drums play second fiddle to the vocals, Matt Davies brings some very personal sounding lyrics to an already emotive melody which is pretty catchy and has a good groove. Overall though there’s not much to distinguish this tune from a lot of their others from the last couple of years, even with the heartfelt lyrics it’s hard not to think that they haven’t really moved on from 'Tales Don’t Tell Themselves'. It will be interesting to see what happens now they have a new member in the form of bassist Gavin Burrough, his stint in Hondo Maclean could mean he brings an interesting dynamic to their sound which is beginning to get a bit stale, perhaps he can help them remember that they used to have a harder edge.