Indie Musing Par Excellence

‘Missiles’ welcomes you to The Dears world of shimmering sound with ‘Disclaimer’, a 6 minute statement of intentions that veers from glimmering guitars to breathy saxophone riffs and back via mellow euphoria. If you’re not hooked after this stunning opener then you’re a tough cookie to crack!

For the most part, the album is a tense and taught affair: ‘Dream Job’ is an intense and emotional number with twinkles of piano and husky vocals that’s shot through with a heavy percussive heartbeat. ‘Berlin Heart’ is just as delicate with fragile vocals melting into a tender melange of rippling guitars and indie angst. ‘Lights Off’ is a cross between Nick Cave’s glum beauty and Radiohead’s aching melodrama. The vocals are striking and grandiose and the tune shudders with fierce feeling. Closer, ‘Saviour’ is the only tune topping this in length and it kicks off with a serene, lulling collection of arpeggios, synthetic percussion sounds and vocals that warble elegantly. It’s about as downbeat as you can get and has the feeling of a post bar confessional until a childrens’ choir emerge at the half way mark.

‘Money Babies’ is a woozy, experimental piece with sighing male and female vocals giving the listener a varied and gripping experience that includes a fierce barrage of chaotic percussion and gleeful handclaps. There’s an ethereal paranoia that runs through the album, especially on, ‘Demons’ which keeps a jagged beat, despite its fearful lyrics. ‘Missiles’ goes a little more prog rock on us with raging overdriven guitars and dramatic percussion building to a hefty crescendo.

‘Missiles’ is an interesting album with tunes that stand out and speak for themselves in terms of superb instrumental and neat melodies. If you like your indie with integrity and something a little bit special, the The Dears will most certainly oblige!