One of their best

If Carlsberg did bands, then Motörhead would be one of the best Rock ‘n’ Roll bands, period. Even though Lemmy’s knockin’ on a bit, it hasn’t stopped him and the guys churning our quality time and time again. One away from a Silver Edition, ‘Motörizer’ is their 24th album

Its a Motörhead Ronseal record • with Motörhead it does exactly what it says on the tin. (Note to self - I must stop using product placement in my reviews!). Its loud, rockin, and in some instances, surprsingly melodic. Lets be clear, Motörhead aren’t metal, far from it. They’re the best rock n roll bar room band this side of Saturn, showing no signs of mellowing or slowing down. Thank God for Lemmy, Phil n Mikkey.

Many moons ago, Motörhead should have been my first ever gig • they played Wrexham Racecourse footy ground, and I missed them. Due to the excessive noise (and complaints on the day, mainly down to Dee Sniders potty mouth) the festival was never seen again. I’ve always kept a close eye on them from afar. We parted company in the mid 80’s, but due to the strength of Lemmy’s songwriting on Ozzy’s ‘No More tears’ I wanted in again.

Motörizer is a very strong release and will please existing fans and hopefully draw a few more younger generations in. Opener ‘Runaround’ goes straight for the jugular and doesn’t let go, and has a very catch riff right in’t middle. One for the new live set guaranteed. The pace continues with the belting ‘Teach You How To Sing The Blues’.

Up comes my personal fave, the very melodic and rock radio friendly ‘When The Eagle Screams’, possibly one of the best songs penned by the group in quite some time. Lemmy’s throaty vocals in the fore as ever. ‘Rock Out’ is from the Ace of Spades skool of Motörhead riffery. Fast furious and neck bracingly Motorhead! ‘ Rock out with your cock out’, his words not mine. Only Lemmy can write this stuff and get away with it

The album picks up is furious pace with the blindingly fast ‘Buried Alive’ before Lemmy sings about his fave subject, women on ‘English Rose’. The longest and best track on the album is ‘Heroes’ with PC’s guitar work up there with his best, great dirty riffs aplenty. A truly thunderous song. Motörizer finishes on a high with ‘The Thousand Names of God’ or ‘The thousand names of Lemmy • you decide

Lemmy suggests the album is so good, we should all buy three copies each, I concur! They hit the road with Saxon and Danko Jones, sponsored by Stepsils no doubt (enough!). As influential as ever, as Motörhead as ever, it’s one of their best releases.