Psychedelic Rock For a New Age

If you read R13’s Bands Of The Summer feature or have been keeping track of Bands of the Week, you’d know that we’re keen on a bit of this Cambridge four-piece at Room Thirteen. However we’ve never been known to be biased and many a sensational live band has been ruined by overambitious arrangements or poor production. Thankfully it’s probably impossible for The Resistance to be overambitious with their all-encompassing sonic creations already self-produced and recorded and epic in scale. ‘Stevie Nicks’ is a cosmically-unsettling melange of gritty, swirling guitar riffs; pulsing tambourines and psychedelic fervour, all imbued with obscure and engaging lyrics. Blissful guitar lines and synth sounds flow together elegantly and freely, drawing the listener into a world of sheer, shimmering sound that’s driven onward, and further mystified by visceral vocals.

B-side ‘Snowflakes Falling on the International Dateline’ is a more pensive affair with dewy, glistening harmonies and a subtle beauty that resonates long after the glassy tones of the record are silenced. It evokes the kind of serenity that is far from somnambulant, but instead submerges your daily stress beneath lustrous, soothing sounds.

The Resistance give retro psychedelic rock a fresh new twist, crafting glorious mellifluous psychedelic gems that effortlessly blend smooth harmonies and entrancing arrangements.