The oddly Tenderhooks

With the concept behind Tenderhooks being one of confusion at times but primarily creativity, ingenuity and of course hard work and dedication for a new sound, ‘Ma Ma Mr Hooks’ is the first single from the bands upcoming third album.

This is a cleverly crafted song. From just one listen it is the brains behind the operation that stand out. Visionary music, waves on a beach with a sunset created by some segments, others imposing a bad tempered feel, but with a good heart. This simple sounding track leaves behind a curious mind. How to describe this song is impossible… one of a kind I have never discovered before and I am curious to dig deeper into.

The other two tracks present on this release are similarly fashioned and will apparently also be included on the forthcoming album. So, if three tracks tickle the taste buds and ponder over the mind, imagine the outcome of more…