Gripping Stuff

The Complete Masterworks 2 DVD is the follow up to the five (yes, five) times Platinum-selling Complete Masterworks DVD. The package is split into 2 discs, disc 1 being a full length concert filmed at the sold out Moore Theater in Seattle Feb 2007. The 2nd disc and much more interesting out of the two is the TD 'D Tour Documentary', but more of that later.

The live set sees 'The D' in their now natural setting of stand alone live performers. Yes there's a hint of schmaltz to it, but at the end of the day both KG/JB can hold their own as musicians. The set backdrop is Kyle’s pad complete with sofa, lamp and Dio poster m/

Armed with just Gibson Acoustics, 'The D' prove that it doesn’t have to be wired to rock it up. Then again when you’re playing in front of a US audience who whistle and cheer at the smallest encouragement its easy stuff. There's lots of theater, over performing and money for old rope thrown in for good measure, but thats all a part of the spectacle. We even get Jesus ‘fuckin’ Christ letting rip on the Jimmy Page twin neck on a video segment, forming ‘The Fellowship of the D‘, a band with JC on Guitar, Colonel Sanders on Drums, and Charlie Chaplin on Bass, performing Kickapoo from hereonin as an electric set. Its at this point Kyles set is replaced like Dio’s set from ‘The Last In Line Tour’. All the faves are played, Wonderboy, Dio, The Metal, Fuck Her Gently, and of course, Tribute.

The best is saved for the second disc. ‘Tribute’ goes back years! 12 to be precise, performed at a café in front of 10’s. A very young, JB, and a much slimmer KG are present. 10 years later they’re playing massive theaters in the US and are megastars in their homeland and beyond. I sware that TCM2’s documentary is one of THE best band documentaries ever made. Its at a time when The D’s star is in its ascendancy, yet it follows the band in support of their major movie flick ‘The Pick of Destiny’ that is dying on its arse in the box office. It really is a ‘warts and all account’ of the pair trying to come to terms with the potential failure of the film. What we get to witness is the subsequent ‘meltdown’ which goes into nuclear shitstorm of grand proportions back stage before appearing on Letterman. Highlight is when touring in New Zealand, the touring band come across 2 young lads (aged 10!) playing Dylans ‘All Along The Watchtower’ and invite them (called Black Tear) to be their support at their gig!

All in all it is pretty gripping stuff. Essential viewing for any rock/metal fan