Soft and seductive fair from Policewoman and Wainwright

There is something in the production of this excellent slow burner from Miss Policewoman that is softly evocative of Joni Mitchell and Radiohead at the same time. The honesty, and the piercing emotional insight are distinctly reminiscent of Mitchell’s work from Blue, while the warm, lazy brass speak of Kid A and Amnesiac. What makes the song standout and stand alone, however, is neither of these things but instead the delightful change of pace that takes the song from a simple, though effective, piano ballad to a more seductive jazzy affair. Wainwright’s contribution is suitably, uncharacteristically, restrained; adding colour to proceedings on his own, and providing a perfect foil as the pair harmonise to the song’s conclusion. Inciting us to feed our hunger, not starve ourselves of love, is fitting as this song is pure aural aphrodisiac; culminating in a quite literal climax of the pop and crack of fireworks.