Rattle your chains.

The first thing you notice about “Haunts” is that it’s hugely cheesy and over the top, the second thing is that it’s immense fun and totally entertaining. This might possibly be the most eclectic listen you’ve had in a very long time. Imagine the most theatrical Goth band you can imagine mixed with the catchiest pop act you’ve ever heard... right from the opening track Cradle of Filth meets Killers comes to mind. OK perhaps not quite as heavy as COF, but the darkness running through this debut album is tempered with melodies and beats that get your arse shaking straight away, how it manages not to be ridiculous is hard to grasp.

Tunes like the ‘My Sharona’-esque ‘Underground’ have an 80s new wave edge with a theatrical vocal delivery that screams Adam Ant (or even Danny Elfman singing Jack Skellington in “The Nightmare Before Christmas”). ‘Live Fast Die Young’ sounds like Keiser Chiefs in a blender with The Rapture but with that ever present darkness that separates this from those bands by a mile.

It might be easy to consign this eccentric and unusual record to the novelty pile if the melodies weren’t actually so damn good; on just the second listen you might find yourself singing along already because the sultry vocals demand it and the beats make it all too easy. Thankfully the 80s vibe isn’t too overpowering even with keys doing their bit and mostly it’s kept to the odd homage here and there. Tracks like the irresistible ‘Bomz II Drop’ is what makes this album so good; distorted bass-lines, infectious melody, catchy keys and rumbling guitar riffs make it a classic in waiting.

Too interesting to miss, to catchy to ignore, this album is a dark horse waiting in the wings to sweep you away if you have the guts to try something new.