Said Mike give us a taste

After seeing Said Mike play Islington’s Bar Academy recently supporting Tonight is Goodbye and Attack! Attack! on their joint headline tour of the UK, I was eager to learn more about this Welsh band. The lads gave away an album sampler to tickle the taste buds of the gig goers on the night and with just two tracks, this was not near enough to keep my appetite satisfied.

‘Perfect Mistakes’ and ‘Antics’ are two amazing songs to get the pulses racing. The vocals of lead singer Tom are extremely bubbly, full of life and a passion for what he is singing about on both tunes. Each song has the pop rock vibes, the latter adding a rockier edge. Each chorus rumbles along with some very catchy melodies.

These guys know what factors make for a great tune and use them at all lengths to create some vibrant pop rock tunes with depth, talent, ambition and more importantly, the aim to entertain, which they certainly do. I have these two tracks, and the ‘Stop The Clocks’ Ep to keep me content for now, but I cannot wait for a full-length album.