If you’re ready to take on a metal monster, Huron is the band for you!

Have you ever heard a band whose guitar shredding was so mind-blowing that it left you dumbfounded? No? Then listen to Huron!

Plymouth-based Huron, who formed in late 2007, are a heavy metal band made up of vocalist Palmer, bassist Filthy Phill, Damien Diablo on drums and “Sick Boy” Sims on guitar and backing vocals. Sounding not dissimilar to The Murderdolls, Huron are going to take the world of metal by storm with their brutal breed of rock. Their debut album, ‘Cheyne Stoking’ (which is a medical term used to describe the irregular breathing of a dying patient), was released in the UK on June 1st 2009.

The album starts as it means to go on, with incredible velocity, the intensity of which took my breath away. The guitar shredding is out of this world, the drum solos are fast-paced and the vocals meaty and aggressive: this is hardcore metal madness, so hold on tight!

With any album, there comes a time when the songs start to sound a bit samey... just when you expect this moment to arrive on ‘Cheyne Stoking’, Huron transform themselves into a new, more powerful animal and attack with something completely different: from thundering guitars to light acoustics, from emotional singing to aggressive shouting, you’re kept guessing what’s coming next right until the bitter end.

My only criticism of Huron is that I would have liked to have heard more of Palmer’s singing, rather than his seemingly preferred shouting: he has such a beautiful, emotional voice which I fear may not be given the recognition it deserves.

The best track on the album to me was ‘View From The Sun’, which is probably as close to a ballad as Huron gets; Palmer’s softer vocal performance is outstanding. The studio effects enhance the track no end adding to the already electric atmosphere created by the crashing drums, thundering bass line and bludgeoning guitars. Special mentions should also be made of the forceful ‘Hell Can Wait’; ‘Already Dead’, which wins the award for Most Incredible Guitar Shredding of the album; and finally the atmospheric finishing track, ‘Dirt’, which oozes emotion. A great ending to a great album.

Huron’s ‘Cheyne Stoking’ will take any head-banger to moshing paradise. The phenomenal power of this album is addictive: as each song ends you’re left craving more. The contrast between this raw power and the softer, calmer songs on the album creates impressive depth and texture, which further emphasises the emotion in each track.

If you’re ready to take on a metal monster, Huron is the band for you.