Originally I had intended this as a news item. As I stared at the draft giving detail of the cold hard facts I just felt like he deserved something more. It has been four years now since that fateful accident which has now resulted in another unwelcome and untimely death in music. Chi Cheng, bassist of the Deftones tragically lost his life this week after a long arduous battle. It hurt so much more with so much positive news coming from the Deftones camp in regards to Chi's recovery in recent times. It really did feel like, deep down, there was a chance that Chi would take to the stage with his brother's once more. One thing is for certain, his legacy as part of this band will always live on. He was a unique part of a very unique band, his influence very much being the driving force behind the Deftones material and general sound. I will never forget hearing tunes like My Own Summer, RX Queen and Minerva for the first time and for that I'd like to thank Chi for his powerful contribution in shaping what I view as my music taste today.

If you're new to the band, or a big fan like me, I'm sure you'll join us at Room Thirteen in paying tribute to a great musician. Deepest thoughts go out to his family and closest friends.

RIP Chi.