The name may well be right there in your face but the reasons behind why Clit Rock is around is a very serious matter. With the 3rd Clit Rock event happening on Wednesday 23rd October at London's The Workshop in 'trendy' Hoxton, we catch up with organiser Dana Jade for a quick chat.

R13: Can you please explain what Clit Rock is about?
DJ: Clit rock was created to raise awareness and funds for Daughters Of Eve. An organisation who are committed to preventing and ultimately eradicating Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

R13: We have seen a big increase of coverage of this and similar issues in the main stream press recently, has this been fair coverage? And what would extra what would you like to see happen?
DJ: I try not to speak for survivors of FGM.
Credit to Daughters Of Eve and organisations like Equality Now who work tirelessly to bring this issue into the light.
I would like to see it end, but before we can end it we have to confront it. There's no time to stick our heads in the sand. Nothing has ever been solved by denial.

R13: How do you deal with those that see the name "Clit Rock" and just want to make inconsiderate remarks?
DJ: I honestly don't know how anyone can joke about this. Ignorance is part of the problem we are addressing so I guess it comes with the territory.
A PR company once asked if I would be willing to change the name.
In short: No
I'm aware that the name is in your face! I nicked it from Skin of Skunk Anansie fame who coined the term when asked to describe her music. I felt it worked here on many levels.
I don't think anyone would bat an eyelid if a promoter put on a live music event called "Cock Rock".

R13: I have mentioned this event to a friend and he replied he felt a little uncomfortable attending as he is male. Can you re-assure him and everyone else that everyone is welcome?
DJ: Of course! Clit Rock is a humanitarian event so all humans are welcome.
But honestly if I only ever went to places that I felt comfortable in as a female I wouldn't leave the house much.

R13: What can we expect on the night?
DJ: Fabulous music, inspiring individuals, positive vibes and dancing, lots of dancing.

R13: This is the third time a gig has been organised for this event, how did the previous events go?
DJ: They were very well received. I must say Clit Rock attracts the best crowds.

R13: You are playing live yourself, you must have your hands full organising the event and preparing to play?
DJ: Yes and YES! But it's totally worth doing. Starting Clit Rock is the most important and most rewarding thing I have ever done.

R13: The venue had to be changed a little while back, all part of the "fun" of organising?
DJ: Aaaauugghh!! Showbiz eh?

R13: After hearing about The Water Rats roof collapsing last weekend, will you be providing hard hats for those performing just in case?
DJ: Gosh is it too late to get Clit Rock hard hats printed up?
Our thanks to Dana for her time.

Not only is the event for a good cause, it also will go down as a great gig with three fantastic bands playing.

All details of Clit Rock can be found on the Facebook event page HERE.

And you will also get to see these great acts:
Deux Furieuses:

Dana Jade herself:

Pearl Harts: