So you’ve made it to Preview Number Three have you? Good stuff. We’re now mere days away from Download Festival, in fact it is now officially Download Week! With that said we’re going to give you a run-down of the Main Stage and the behemoths that will grace it’s legendary structure this coming weekend. Missed Part One and Part Two? Don’t worry they’re still there, go check them out!


What a year Slipknot have had so far. They’ve returned with their new album .5: The Gray Chapter and with such force it further cements their place at the top of the Metal tree. They’ve been able to come back even after the tragic passing of bassist Paul Gray and the departure of drummer Joey Jordison with not only an excellent new album but a continually staggering live show as well. They sold out their UK arena tour at the start of the year in minutes and the demand to have them back at Donington has been massive. The new tracks have been implemented well with the older material to garner a live show perfect for old and new fans alike. Out of the three headliners it feels almost certain that they will draw the biggest crowd over the weekend. If you’ve never seen Slipknot before, get yourself down there - it is more than a live show, it is an experience.

Top tracks: Sic, The Devil In I, People=Shit, Psychosocial

Slipknot are headlining the Main Stage on Friday, 9:20pm-10:50pm


This will be the first time Muse will perform on the hallowed turf at Donington, but with a live show which is regularly voted the best around you can feel more than comfortable that they will be more than ready to step up. Judged bizarrely as a bit of a controversial booking, Muse are primed to do away with the doubters when they hit the stage on Saturday night. They’ve certainly got the songs for it, whilst their last couple of albums may have skewed off into less Rockier territories, they stated on more than one occasion now that when they get to Download they’ll be bringing the heavy, promising a set you’re unlikely to see anywhere else. If you feel like you’re not particularly keen on Muse on record, head down to this because live they are an absolutely different animal. That Knights Of Cydonia riff rolling across Donington is already sending shivers.

Top Tracks: Knights Of Cydonia, Stockholm Syndrome, Uno, Citizen Erased

Muse are headlining the Main Stage on Saturday, 9:05pm-10:50pm


In what kind of feels like the battle of the stage shows at this year’s Download Festival, Kiss have promised to unleash everything when their turn comes on Sunday night. The last time Kiss played at Download we have to go all the way back to 2007, a show which many of those who attended still fawn over today. The fact is, whether you love them or you hate them, there is pretty much no denying that Kiss in a live setting is hugely impressive. With the discography they’ve got as well it is almost impossible to even predict what kind of set they’re going to bring but rest assured you will be hearing more than one or two classics come Sunday night. They’re closing out the festival, the beer will be flowing the sing alongs will be big - it’s likely to get emotional folks. Don’t forget to get your face painted at the special stand beforehand as well!

Top Tracks: Rock And Roll All Night, I Was Made For Lovin’ You, Detroit Rock City, Love Gun

Kiss are headlining the Main Stage on Sunday, 9:05pm-10:50pm

Faith No More

Faith No More’s comeback has got to be one of the most welcome things in heavy music history. The legendary outfit led by the pragmatic Mike Patton initially announced their comeback in 2009 as an exercise to play some live shows. We now sit in 2015 with a new Faith No More record and a band rejuvenated. Sol Invictus is one of the best albums of the year so far, and contains a fair few tracks we’re likely to hear showcased at Download. They’ve been consistently brilliant live since they reunited, and whilst in 2009 they did indeed headline, you feel that the strength of the three headliners this year was the only thing preventing them doing so again.

Top Tracks: Epic, Digging The Grave, Malpractice, Motherfucker

Faith No More are playing the Main Stage on Saturday, 7:05pm-8:15pm

Motley Crue

In spectacularly over the top Motley Crue fashion, the band have signed a legal document which prevents them playing any shows after 2015. The door in theory will not be open to do yet another “Farewell” tour, this truly is it. With that said, this may very well be the last chance you ever get to see Vince Neil and co. - something which will no doubt draw an absolutely huge crowd. Judging from some of the recent reports coming from live shows as well it sounds like the band have really upped their game to deliver a truly special farewell. The double whammy of Motley Crue and Kiss on the Sunday night is a nostalgia trip for sure.

Top Tracks: Dr. Feelgood, Girls Girls Girls, Kickstart My Heart

Motley Crue are playing the Main Stage on Sunday, 7:00pm-8:10pm

Judas Priest

Continuing on with some of the absolute classic acts on the Download Bill this year, we have the veterans Judas Priest. If you ever needed a band which summed up ‘Metal’ more perfectly then look no further. The excellent thing about Judas Priest though is the fact that they don’t solely rely on the old classics, they’re still producing absolutely killer music. Easily one of the most influential bands on the whole line up, chances are your favourite Metal band wouldn’t be what they are if it hadn’t been for Judas Priest. Go worship at the church of Rob Halford and Judas Priest.

Top Tracks: Painkiller, Breaking The Law, Living After Midnight

Judas Priest are playing the Main Stage on Friday, 7:20pm-8:20pm


Clutch released one of the best albums of recent times in 2013 with Earth Rocker and they’re still riding high on the momentum with a new album on the way as well. The band have always consistently delivered on record, and their no nonsense stripped back approach to live shows is both impressive and excellent. They’re surrounded by bands on the Main Stage who are all about the stage show, and that’s great, but come Friday afternoon Clutch will turn up and deliver a Rock show which will easily blow so many others off the stage. Close your eyes and picture it now: the Sun’s out, you’ve got a cold beer in hand and Clutch are blasting through D.C. Sound Attack. Exactly.

Top Tracks: D.C. Sound Attack, The Mob Goes Wild, Spacegrass, Animal Farm

Clutch are playing the Main Stage on Friday, 4:40pm-5:25pm


Yet another legend gracing the Main Stage this year is the guitar wielding, top hat wearing man himself Slash. Still touring with Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators, the band released the excellent World On Fire last year to wide critical acclaim and have used the last year’s worth of live shows to blend in a couple more new tracks alongside the classic Guns N’ Roses/Velvet Revolver material. Again, this will very much be a chance to sing along and dance around like a loon whilst listening to one of the most admired Guitarists in all of music.
Top Tracks: World On Fire, By The Sword, Back From Cali

Slash is playing the Main Stage on Sunday, 5:20pm-6:20pm

Billy Idol

As if there wasn’t already enough chances to lose your voice singing along this weekend, Billy Idol is also all set to grace the Main Stage on a Sunday which looks like a Classic Rock fans’ wet dream. Billy Idol proved to be a very popular addition the last time he played Download in 2010 and his performance in 2005 is widely considered as legendary, so it is no wonder he has been invited back. The veteran has still very much got a larger than life stage presence so expect some big things from his show.

Top Tracks: Rebel Yell, White Wedding, Dancing With Myself

Billy Idol is playing the Main Stage on Sunday, 4:00pm-4:50pm

A Day To Remember

A Day To Remember are one of the bands on the line up this year who could very well deliver the set of the weekend. There is no doubt that at the very least by the end of their set they would have turned a fair few heads who may have not shown any interest previously. Since 2003 the band have slowly but surely grown into a force in heavy music with a very dedicated core of fans. So much of this growth has stemmed from their live shows and they’re going to be give it their all to show that Download 2015 is their time to shine.

Top Tracks: All I Want, If It Means A Lot To You, End Of Me

A Day To Remember are playing the Main Stage on Saturday, 5:45pm-6:35pm

So there you have it, you've reached the end of our Preview Guide to the ever glorious Download Festival. We hope very much that you've been able to use it to plan your itinerary for each day and that we haven't created a whole load of new clashes for you. See you in the field/pit/bar.

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