Duff McKagan, renowned bassist and songwriter from Guns 'N' Roses & Velvet Revolver, is the star of this documentary feature film which is based on his best selling autobiography; It’s So Easy (And Other Lies).

The film is a glimpse into the life of the musician who became a rock superstar, showing the highs and lows that come with reaching that level of success. Duff’s story is far from groundbreaking or unique, it’s the stereotypical young rocker goes from band to band before joining a soon-to-be world-famous group who enjoy quick success, which leads to a life-threatening descent into substance abuse, followed by a personal and spiritual resurrection. Of course, Duff finds love, has a brief relapses before cleaning up his act to become the man we know today.

If any of our readers went to Duff’s spoken word show at the Garage a couple of years ago, the setting and the way his story is told will seem remarkably familiar. McKagan narrates his own journey at Seattle's Moore Theatre while being supported by a backing band; the main difference between the Garage show and the show in the documentary, bar it being a much nicer venue, is that there is a small string section accompanying the show.

The documentary has a quick pace and is well put together, Duff appears at ease when narrating his story and is effortlessly engaging. It is a shame that animations have been used to dramatise previous events rather than simply using Duff to tell his story with the help of archived footage and interviews with those who witnessed his fall.

It’s So Easy (And Other Lies) touches on major moments in Duff’s life; his first marriage, entering fatherhood, his recovery with the help of Benny “The Jet” Urquidez, his time with Velvet Revolver, but these topics are never fully explored before the documentary has moved onto the next topic.

It’s So Easy (And Other Lies) will appeal to Guns ‘N’ Roses fans everywhere, but due to its styling and how quickly the documentary skips from one subject to the next, it’s unlikely to have the commercial appeal for those who want a tell all sex, drugs and rock n roll story from a world famous rocker whose addictions almost killed him.