We hope you enjoyed the first part of our Preview coverage for this year's Reading and Leeds Festival in which we ran through some of the big names storming the Main Stage this year. In Part Two we're delving deep in to the Pit/Lock Up line up, giving you our top bands to check out across these two stages over the weekend. Riffs and chaos? Both here.

Mastodon - The Pit - Saturday (Reading), Sunday (Leeds)

Fresh off of their first ever UK festival headlining slot just a couple of weeks ago, Mastodon are on fine form at the moment. Still touring off of the back of the brilliant Once More 'Round The Sun you find a band who are simply enjoying touring and being Mastodon at the moment. The set lists look stacked with crowd favourites from across their back catalogue, and after unfortunately having to pull out of this event last year, Mastodon are rolling in to Reading and Leeds to seriously make amends. One of the most important bands in all of Metal headlining a stage at Reading and Leeds? It's a no brainer, you need to be there.

Dillinger Escape Plan - The Pit - Saturday (Reading), Sunday (Leeds)

Dillinger Escape Plan are gearing towards the release of their sixth, and sadly final, album and needless to say if you think they're impressive on record, it doesn't even come close to the kind of chaos they bring live. The band have announced that after the release of Disassociation the band will be breaking up, a bold move from a band who are more than happy to bow out before there are even whispers that their reputation is being damaged. This is a band who can bring it live just as hard as they did in their early days over ten years ago and whilst you probably won't find Greg Puciato throwing his own poo in to the crowd anymore (Google Reading 2002)the scenes in the tent for DEP are going to be close to apocalyptic at both Reading and Leeds.

Kvelertak - The Pit - Saturday (Reading), Sunday (Leeds)

Whilst their latest release may have stirred mixed emotions, Kvelertak are still one of the most exciting bands in all of heavy music at the moment. In three albums this is a band who have been able to display the vast array of talent they've got under their belts. Whether you're having your brain rattled by their more extreme side or being treated to some of the Classic Rock vibes as of late, Kvelertak are both unpredictable and brilliant. These are two superlatives which relate very well to a Kvelertak live show as well - expect owl heads, carnage and a possible performance of the weekend contender.

Crossfaith - The Pit - Friday (Reading), Saturday (Leeds)

Crossfaith are a band who's reputation and standing in the heavy scene has increased substantially in the last few years, going from an unknown entity to a band who can hold massive crowds in the palm of their hand with apparent ease. If you're totally new to the band, they blend gargantuan riffs with some equally massive sounding electronic breakdowns. It all comes together really well, and whilst the studio output is enjoyable the real carnage is when they're allowed to let loose on stage. Energetic doesn't even cover it.

Hacktivist - The Pit - Friday (Reading), Saturday (Leeds)

Another band equally as bonkers sounding live are Hacktivist. It feels like they've been around for a while, but that's only because since their inception in 2011 and with only one full studio release behind them, they've got a sound which is so unique within the scene at the moment they've been able to build a strong reputation in a relatively short amount of time. Much like Crossfaith, Hacktivist blend two very different sounds and approaches together with high success, fusing together Rap and tear inducing riffs.

Giraffe Tongue Orchestra - The Pit - Saturday (Reading), Sunday (Leeds)

What do you get when you take a slice of Mastodon, a key from Alice In Chains and a dose of carnage from Dillinger Escape Plan? A Giraffe Tongue Orchestra obviously. GTO are a band who's core is made up of Brent Hinds (Mastodon), William DuVall (Alice In Chains) and Ben Weinman (Dillinger Escape Plan) and if that wasn't already enough their shows at Reading and Leeds this weekend will be their first ever UK performances. A lot of people are put off by the idea of 'supergroups' but judging by the music released so far, they're on to something big here.

Good Charlotte - Lock Up - Sunday (Reading), Friday (Leeds)

Whether you're closing out the party on Sunday at Reading or just getting things going on Friday at Leeds there is absolutely no doubt that Good Charlotte will be providing one of the biggest sing alongs you're likely to see all weekend. The band have returned, and whilst this has come with a dose of new music, we all know that live they'll more than likely be sticking with the hits.

Arcane Roots - Lock Up - Sunday (Reading), Friday (Leeds)

Formed in 2006 Arcane Roots have consistently been an exciting presence in Alternative Rock with their live shows in particular building their reputation up. This very talented three piece are currently working on their second studio album so we can probably expect some new tunes to be thrown in as well.

Heck - The Pit - Saturday (Reading), Sunday (Leeds)

Whilst Dillinger Escape Plan may be bowing out in the near future, there are a series of bands who are primed and ready to pick up the mantle. One of these bands are Heck who, surprisingly to some, released one of the albums of the year so far, all whilst continuing to be one of the most dangerous and unpredictable live acts around. The level of danger and the genuine sense that they really do just act on impulse makes every single one of their shows unique; something which has helped them to continue on building their reputation and following. Mind your head.

So there you have our top picks from across The Pit/Lock Up this year. Riffs galore.

Room Thirteen will be covering Leeds Festival this year, see you in the field.