Room Thirteen caught up with Reuben's bassist Jon Pearce whilst on their latest tour

Room Thirteen: Room Thirteen last interviewed you in Cardiff only a couple of months ago... how have you all been?
Jon Pearce: Yeah great thanks!
R13: What have you been up to?
JP: Well we released a single in March and been on tour twice... We also have our new single 'A Kick In The Mouth' out on Monday 20th June

R13: So you're really busy at the moment?
JP: Yeah it's been pretty crazy. We've just done Download and its all be really fun!
R13: How do you think your performance went at Download?
JP: It was really random actually. They kept messing us around with times and stuff but the show itself was amazing so it made up for it.

R13: What was the Snickers Bowl stage like to play on?
JP: The audience was about 50 meters away so it was a bit strange
R13: Did you find it strange as it was primarily a skate bowl?
JP: Yeah it was a little weird and we just hoped people who were there would just listen to what we were doing and they did! It didn't matter that it was a skate bowl it just made it cooler!

R13: Were you pleased with the reaction?
JP: Yeah the reaction was much better than I expected and lots of people came up to us after and said that they really enjoyed the show. I think it being in a skate bowl made it more interesting.

R13: Which bands did you see play?
JP: I didn't see that many but we managed to catch Black Sabbath, Helmet and Meshuggah.

R13: What was the highlight of your weekend?
JP: That was definitely when we got given a box of free snickers in our dressing room. You can't grumble at free sweets!

R13: How does playing a festival compare to a headline show? Which do you prefer?
JP: Festivals as everything from the sound checks and stuff are really exciting. Loads of people get to see you and you also get to see other bands that you wouldn't normally do.

R13: Do you find the audiences differ between the two types of show?
JP: At festivals there are people there who watch you who haven't necessarily come to the festival to see you. Therefore the crowds tend to be a bit of a mixed batch. I do enjoy playing to people who may not have heard our material before.

R13: What does the rest of 2005 hold for the band?
JP: A few more festivals in the summer, a few more shows, a few more tours and then our second album 'Very Fast Very Dangerous' to be released in August/September time.

R13: And Finally, the band is stranded on a lifeboat in the middle of the ocean. The lifeboat will sink if you don't throw one of you over board... who goes... you decide!
JP: I think that would probably have to be me. They don't really need a bassist anyway!

Reuben's latest single 'A Kick In The Mouth' is out now. To learn more about Reuben please see their website