R13: What's it like using people such as Adam of Killswitch to help out with/work on your records?
AW: That's one thing that since this band has started, we like to only deal with friends. Even with Machine on the new record we drove out and hung with him for a few days to make sure he was a fucking dude. If he weren't a dude then it wouldn't have gone down. We flew Joe Barese out to hang and he was fucking awesome and he was such a dude. But Machine was just too fucking awesome and it was a hard decision but yeah - we believe in dudeology which is the science of dudes. We only deal with friends and dudes.

R13: As a band, you started out in the music world young- do you feel this has given you the chance to see more of the way things work?
AW: Well I think going into any situation green is the best. You're not jaded and you're seeing everything with new eyes. You get to capture everything and just suck it in. You learn by your mistakes and you know to never do them again. I think we were very fortunate to start out young, I dread ever starting another band because Iím going to be a dinosaur by that time.

R13: You're a touring band- do you see this as changing with new records... getting older, more mature, settling down or are you going to remain the wild band that you're thought to be?
AW: I'll tell you man, I guess being wild is just who we are. No matter what we're not going to change, that's who we are. Breaking shit and just being fun is what it is. We love fucking around. The only thing that's really serious is this band and the music. Other than that we're cartoons. Touring has just made us tighter as friends and as people. These dudes are my wing men for life.

R13: What are your favourite wild memories of touring?
AW: Fuck, there really is too many of them. I would have to say the time we were in Wolverhampton and Jordan lit some girl's hair on fire and then a whole pub wanted to kill 12 young American boys. It was great. Later that night some dude shanghaied us and we had to beat him and his friends. It was fun! We started an NHL chant in an English pub, it was amazing!

R13: How do festivals such as Download vary with the kind of festivals you've already played... Backstage stuff, bands attitude to each other, the crowds... food...
AW: Jeez, well no matter what you guys say over in the UK. Your food is not all that good, kinda whack actually. But I'm the type of dude that if I'm hungry enough I'll eat shit, so it really doesn't matter. I would rather eat American. Another thing is the people, over in the states there is about 5 thousand there and that's tops. But overseas whole cities show up. It's insane! I was just going nuts at download. So many fuckers there! It was amazing!

R13: What tactics have you been using to get your records out to those who have been buying it?
AW: The only thing you really can do and thatís work hard. My dad told me a long time ago that the only way to get out and make a difference is to just work your ass off.

R13: Do you believe in fate or hard work?
AW: That was answered in the last question. I just love working hard and making sure that I know that I worked this band dry until we're just drained and ready to take time off because we're going to kill each other.

R13: How did your set at Download go?
AW: The most surreal moment of my life. Looking out and seeing all those people going nuts for us is just so emotional. The set was awesome. I had some technical difficulties but who cares because when all those people are still standing there screaming their asses off, it just doesn't matter.

R13: When are you going to be touring the UK again?
AW: We're back over from August 5th with A Life Once Lost and Twelve Tribes on the Roadrunner/Ferret 'Under The Gun' tour. Itís going to be awesome and everyone reading this should come out and let their dicks fly! Just make an ass out of yourself and have a good time and leave your attitudes at home.

R13: Best and worst memories of being on the road?
AW: Best memory is the first day we hop in the van and leave and just go on tour. Worst is the day I go home. I have no idea what to do when I have time off. It kills me. I love touring and I love not touring.