Their reputation goes before them, and you just hope that they will live up to expectation. This was my first time, I lost my virginity at the Manchester Apollo! And oh boy what a way to loose it!

They play rock and roll how it should be loud and proud, and don’t worry about the neighbours. The backdrop said it all Rock and fucking roll, and it was well worth the entrance fee, if I had to pay!

Some had just come to see a living legend in Slash, and left impressed how Scott Weiland upstages him and struts like the king of the stage. It doesn’t matter how old they are, and the excesses they have been through, they were like teenagers on stage. Some of today’s bands could take a leaf out of the Velvet Revolver’s book , but I doubt they would have the onstage presence.

From start to end this was one gig where you felt part of it, they were rocking you all the way down, and then going back and doing it some more. This is rock music as it should be, this is how the fans like it. Their music has an edge to it, showing that they have a very bright future together.

Scott Weiland on the bands website said they are “looking for a rebirth” and boy have they had it, they are born again rockers, with music that is fresh and a very welcome change to the pap rock lovers have been served for so long. The futures bright alright, and I wouldn’t worry what the music press and journalists have to say. It is very clear the fans love what they are hearing and what they see, and when it gets down to it they are the ones that count, not journalists.

I have seen the rebirth of rock music, the backdrop said it all Rock and fucking roll, momma I want some more!