With an album on its way very soon, Madina Lake weren't going to let trivial matters like injuries and bruised bones get in their way. Bass player Matthew Leone took time to chat to RoomThirteen about the tour, the bands philosophies and what band reunions are getting him excited.

R13: You have been touring in the UK for nearly a week on this trip, how has it been going?
ML:Unbelievable. We came over here in November of last year and it was our introduction to the kids and the crowds embraced us. We told our booking agent to go for anything you can in the UK.

R13: Do you feel as though you are coming together as a live band?
ML:We've been touring for a year straight. We were playing to small crowds in coffee shops and gradually progressed. It was frustrating but we have been putting on this live show for a while but we're adding theatrics now. Confetti balloons etc and we eventually want to use videos. As the crowds get bigger, so will our shows.

R13: So the idea of the band is focussed on more than just music?
ML:We conceptualised this band a year before we even rehearsed. We read a lot of philosophy and wanted to create a band with more substance. So we created Madina Lake which is a fictional town and it represents a microcosm of American pop culture. The characters evolve throughout the record and we're releasing a book with the record just to make it a bigger thing.

R13: Cool. Back to the tour for one more question. Are you enjoying playing with Gym Class Heroes?
ML:Yes, its phenomenal. We have tons of musical influences and our drummer Dan is a huge hip-hop fan and got us into them. We don't want to be pigeonholed into any genre, be it punk, or God forbid, emo. It's a scary word!

R13: You're playing the Give It A Name shows in the UK in April are you looking forward to them?
ML:Very much. It shows how hard our label has worked for us. We looked at pictures of the venue and thought; no way can we play that venue. Its big and scary but we cant wait.

R13: Lead singer Nathan ripped his lip at the weekend how is he doing?
ML:Hes doing better. 3 weeks ago he did the same thing, off a speaker tower and done his chin. He had a 2 inch scar, we have a lot of injuries in the band. Last time in the UK, I broke two ribs.
R13: Did you cancel any shows because of it?
ML:No, that was the worst part for me! We had a major show in London, all the press and record label was there, man that was sore!

R13: How have your fans taken to the story of the disappearance of Adelia?
ML:So far its intriguing and the genre we get lumped into can be a bit watered down and no one takes risks any more. You had Guns N Roses in the 80s, Nirvana in the 90s but no one really since then. Not to say that we'll be that band but they bands took chances and that's what we want to do.

R13: How do you feel about the world of celebrity and everything that goes with it these days?
ML:That's our number one fear. Its not about fame, money or the self-indulgent things. For us, its about the kids and resonating with them. In the story, Adelia is a socialite; almost like a Paris Hilton and it takes a shot at how modern culture is focussing on things like narcissism and greed. We're taking a stab against those who take what they want without considering the consequences. Fame would be the one drawback if we became successful.

R13: You state that fame doesn't interest you and that you want to be an influence on kids getting into music, who were your influences growing up?
ML: I would say Refused and Smashing Pumpkins.
R13: Are you excited by the Pumpkins reforming?
ML:I am, I'm very curious. Part of me wants to leave it as a wonderful memory but I want more!
R13: How do you feel about Rage Against The Machine reforming?
ML:That one too. We had this conversation this morning as two of the guys are massive RATM fans. We never really got Audioslave, it just didn't work but RATM would be cool to see.

R13: You were listed in Kerrangs 10 to look out for in 2007 how did the band take that news?
ML:Incredible. We grew up buying Kerrang in the States and you have to be a major music fan to do that. It's a massive mag and its really flattering to be highlighted, almost beyind comprehension.

R13: Your new album is due very soon, what can fans expect?
ML:Expect the darker side. The ep does the pop-punk stuff. The album is heavier on the electronic side and has some interludes which breaks up the thought of the town. It's a psychological rollercoaster so we hope people stick with it.

R13: Are you enjoying being signed to RoadRunner records?
ML:It's a blessing for us. The guy who signed us came to see our first show ever and that started the ball rolling. We wanted to sign for Ron as we connected with him so well, and we're great friends with all the staff on the label. I've got all their cellphone numbers with me and I could phone any of them up at any time, its good to work with people like that.

R13: Whats your favourite RoadRunner band?
ML:Theres lots but one that's really cool is Megadeth, that's surprising to us. Chimera as well. They've signed the New York Dolls, that's awesome, that'll do.

R13: Do you have any last messages for your fans?
ML:We love you guys, thanks for being so cool and thanks to RoomThirteen for giving us the chance to catch up with you all.

Its always interesting to compare bands who give it 100% on-stage with their off-stage persona and Madina Lake came across as some of the nicest guys you could meet, which stands apart from the non-stop live show they put on a short time later. With a whole big mystery up their sleeve to unfold, Madina Lake appear ready to make a name for themselves in 2007.