We're big fans of this band here at Room Thirteen. Their debut album 'These Things Can't Hurt You Now So Throw Them In The Fire' featured in our records of 2005 list and we've recently had them as band of the week on our Myspace site.

Now you can read our brand new interview with Andrea right here.

Room Thirteen: For those who may not have come across Colt before, how would you describe your sound?
Andrea Kerr: Oh, erm it's sort of electronic with real bits, I don't know really, some of it is melancholy and some is angry, but less angry these days actually.

R13: How did the first gig of the year in March go?
AK: Much as we anticipated, could have been better, it was a short set and it usually takes me a while to feel comfortable on stage, so by the time I was settling into my surroundings the gig was over. And it could have been a lot worse; we were doing new songs, with a new line-up, without rehearsals, so I guess in that respect we were lucky. The run up to the gig I usually find myself quite anxious, but this time I seemed to be avoiding it, and thought perhaps the change in line-up had somehow reduced the panic in me. It wasn't till the moment I stepped off the stage after the sound-check it hit me. It's like climbing to the highest point on a rollercoaster before the first drop, and you think, "Jesus I've changed my mind", but you are strapped in and you just get carried trembling through it till the end.

R13:Your Myspace site says you're coming back with a different sound, how will this be different from your first album?
AK: It will be more electronic I imagine, it's back to our roots for Jared and I where we will be releasing the songs much the same way as they have been written we write on the computer - while in the past we would write the songs, take them into rehearsal with the live band to rework them, then gig them, then record.

R13: What is the time frame for releasing new material?
AK: Slow. Actually we are hoping to have something finished in the next couple of months.

R13: Aside from working on new material, what have you spent the last year doing?
AK: There's been a lot of band logistics to deal with, too boring to talk about really, but there have been issues with the label, and we lost some band members, and along with that a whole way of working. I also did a vocal for the Ben Golomstock album 'Stories from the Moon', and to be honest, it's just been nice finding ourselves again and taking time writing.

R13: What music have you been enjoying recently?
AK: I am liking The Knife and Patrick Wolf just now, and have also been worryingly fond of all the Bond themes which I like to listen to while walking through Hyde Park.

R13: What are your hopes/plans for playing live in 2007?
AK: There are a couple more tweaks to the live line-up then I think we are hoping to gig every three months or so we agreed that a leisurely approach to gigging with one a quarter would suit us nicely. It means we can have seasonal themes for the gigs or not.

R13: You build quite a bond with the audience during live shows, which works really well in small venues, but if you were invited to play at larger venues, do you think you'd be able to maintain that?
AK: I would like to think so; if I can still maintain eye contact with people out there then I can feed off that and give something back.

R13: Which band would you most like to support on such a tour?
AK: I would like to support Kate Bush please could you see to that for me?

R13: What will you use to judge the success of your new album?
AK: Whether or not someone wants to release it for us. Ha ha. I think if I can bear to listen to it at least once all the way through then it's doing better than the first one.