You'll all be well aware that the staff here at RoomThirteen are the sociable type, so when we heard that The Black Velvets fancied a quick word with us, how could we say no? With little time to waste, due to the band's impending summer plans, including a slot at the Knowsley Hall Music Festival in Liverpool, which also sees the likes of The Who, Keane, Madness and The Thrills take to the stage on 23rd and 24th June, the chat was to the point but covered the important themes of summer gigs, musical history and alcohol.

And with that sort of information, what else do you want? Well, if it's a bit of knowledge for the upcoming Knowsley Hall Musica Festival then click here for more information.

R13: You've played with some bands that most acts would kill to support. What has been your favourite support slot to date?
BV: I think it has to be Glastonbury on one of the main stages or with The Who in London! But both were really cool to do!

R13: Did you approach the support shows any differently from your own tours?
BV: No every gig is a big one for us!

R13: You play the Myspace stage at the Knowesley Hall Music Festival, do you have anything special lined up?
BV: Yer we are gonna be fuckin' great!

R13: Given that it's the myspace stage, what are your opinions on sites like myspace?
BV: Myspace is really good for new bands, it gives them a chance to be seen by loads of people! But there's also a lot of crap on there, it might take you a long time to find something worth listening to but, that's what makes it better when you do I suppose.

R13: You've played Glastonbury before, any chance of being there this year?
BV: No but I'm going just to get wasted and heckle everyone else.

R13: Do you have any other festival plans?
BV: Yer I'm goin' to do this at every festival I can! Plus I want to sneak in to one coz I've never done that before!

R13: To those who may get a chance to see you this summer but are unaware of your sound, how would you describe it?
BV: Come and see for yourself! I think it sounds great! Ha ha

R13: Were you happy with how the first album and singles were received?
BV: Yer its great when people can be arsed to get in to new music!

R13: When can we expect to hear new material from the band?
BV: We hope to do something really soon so keep your eyes on us on things like myspace and you'll know what's going on!

R13: You played a set in the Cavern Club, does the musical history of Liverpool influence you a lot?
BV: Yer I think every single band in the world has to into the Beatles if they say their not then they're lying!

R13: Likewise, there is a current crop of Liverpudlian acts who seem quite close. Are there any bands you are close with at the moment?
BV: I suppose all the bands in Liverpool do get on from time to time but I would love to be mates with Cast coz there amazing

R13: One definition of Black Velvets is the drink which is equal parts Guinness and Champagne. If you could choose your favourite drinks to mix, what would they be?
BV: Well I'm quite partial to a Jack and Coke if you're getting them in.

The threat of having to buy some drinks is always a good point to terminate any interview and with that, we called it a day. Obviously at RoomThirteen we had the bands welfare at heart and with so many big shows to come this summer, we wanted the band in fine fettle for them.