In early 2006 five teen lads from the far ends of the East Coast, each with a similar passion for experiencing life, got together and started making music, music they hoped to be their ticket to experiencing the world. Since then, they have written and recorded tracks with passion and energy, using music they were interested in whether it be pop, rock or something a little harder, as inspiration. Deaf Havana is quickly becoming a band to make a name for themselves in the industry, so we chatted to vocalist Ryan, to find out a little more about Deaf Havana.

R13:When growing up, was being part of the music scene a dream you wanted to make come true?
Ryan:I think when you're younger you don’t actually realise what the music scene is genuinely like. I think when you're younger you just assume you get signed, make a video and then you're famous making millions. That is not the case obviously.

R13:How did your journey into the music industry begin?
Ryan:We began by just practicing in my bedroom, then started trying to get some shows where anyone would have us. It’s been a long process but were getting their slowly but getting more and more tours under our belts is helping us improve as a band and making us more and more friends.

R13:Who are some of your musical influences and how have they impact the music you are creating?
Ryan:As a band we take influences from a lot of bands, we all listen to a lot of pop music and also a lot off metal so it’s all very varied. I was really into my Killswitch and Poison The Well growing up. But my musical tastes have slowly changed to more chilled-out types.

R13:What was the last album you listened to and what were your general thoughts on it?
Ryan:It was actually the Lady GaGa album and I honestly think it’s fantastic! Some of the tunes on there are so catchy and I think every song on there has its own personality and style.

R13:What was the last gig you attended and how was it?
Ryan:I'm currently on tour at the minute so we played Kingston last night, but I'm sitting in the venue in Luton right now about to sound check on tour with We Are The Ocean. But the last gig I think I went to and didn’t pay for was Underoath? I think.

R13:How would you describe your music?
Ryan:Ballsy dirty poppy rock!

R13:How does the process of creating a song come about?
Ryan:All our songs are created by myself and James just sitting in front of my computer and we just record ideas we come up with and just layer things up with bass and drums and vocals till we have a whole song. Go to the rest of the guys with the demo then change bits and pieces till everyone's happy. Simple really.

R13: If you could share the stage with any other artist/band, who would it be and why?
Ryan: SILVERCHAIR! They have been my favourite band for as long as I can remember. Don’t know what it is about them but I just love everything they’ve ever done especially their new stuff.

R13:If you could play any venue which would it be and why?
Ryan:I would love to play the UEA in Norwich; it's just the one venue where big bands come threw if they ever happen to play near me. I saw my first show ever there, it was Alkaline Trio and it was just the best thing I've ever seen!

R13:Are you looking forward to playing Islington Academy in March?
Ryan: Yeah its the Bar Academy which is a cool venue, just hope there’s a good crowd. But with us and the All Forgotten boys it's going to be insane!!!!!

R13:Is there anything special we can expect?
Ryan:Haha who knows we tend to change something up every night, normally a new way of me bumping into our bass player and getting hurt!

R13:What has been the highlight of your time in the industry so far?
Ryan:All of it, 'cos it stops me having a normal job!

R13:What can we look forward to from you in the coming year?
Ryan:Well our EP is already out and doing well, so were going into the studio to do our debut full length in may so that’s our main priority making sure that its the best record we can humanly make! But apart from that just touring as much as possible.

R13:Where do you see the band a few years down the line?
Ryan:Whatever happens well still be playing the fucking Queens Arms in Kings Lynn every 4-5 months to make some money!

Deaf Havana play Islington's Bar Academy in March alongside All Forgotten, and we can't wait to see them!