We were joined by 'While She Sleeps" for a quick chat at Sonisphere before they played at the new stage, Strongbow Bar, on Saturday..

The complete band was present at the interview:-
Lawrence Taylor (LT) Vocals
Sean Long (SL) Guitar
Aaran McKenzie (AM) Bass
Adam Savage (AS) Drums
Matt Welsh (MW) Guitar and Vocals

R13: Hi guys, how are you all today? Is this your first Sonisphere?
MW: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Looking forward to it.

R13: What other festivals have you got lined up for the summer?
MW: We've done a couple, like indoor festivals. This is our first outdoor festival and the biggest one.
R13: So would you describe this as your highlight of your career so far?
LT: Yeah, we feel privileged to be invited.

R13: So, are you signed, and by whom?
MW: Yeah, to Small Town Records.

R13: Where did you get the name from then?
LT: A chav magazine, yeah yeah.
SL: Don't lie.
AS: I think it was originally "While he was sleeping I murdered his wife" back then. We changed it around to "While She Sleeps"
LT: Yeah, we changed it about five years ago. We can't change it now. I'm going down with it. Like a sinking ship. And no sleeping reverence.

R13: So have you guys set the band up together or did some of you join later?
LT: I'm late. I've known the guys for about four years. I was in a different band, and they were having issues with commitment. And they asked me to join them.
AM: But, we've been mates for life.
MW: We've known each other since school. No one met through the band really.

R13: What do you consider as your biggest influences?
MW: Musically? Someone will get hold of a band and introduce it to the others. We listen to as much different music as possible when we are travelling together in the van. We'll take from anything.
LT: Yeah, there is lot of different styles of music and a lot of different stuff. There isn't just one style that we can say we are like them or that we are in to.
MW: I used to like a lot of punk.

R13: I see you are currently on tour, or is this the way it always like this?
LT: It's been constant since April. We're just working as hard as we can, man.
R13: So this is your day job then?
MW: Yeah, yeah. We all quit our jobs to do this. It is so much better. It's a lot of fun also.

R13: You got a new record out, right?
MW: We've just release an album. It came out last Monday (ED 26 July)
R13: Is the next one in the pipeline?
MW: It's still in the plumbing.
LT: The next one will be better and bigger. We're hoping to release something towards Christmas time.
MW: Straight after this we have a couple of days home. We are then back on the road for all of August. Then we have September off to start getting some ideas together. We're on tour in November.

R13: Ok, final question. Who are you looking forward to see today?
LT: Sick of it All, Ghost of a Thousand, Gallows, there are so many good bands booked.
AM: This is actually me and Sean's first proper music festival, and we're playing here! Thanks Sonisphere.

R13: Alright guys, this was good. I will catch you at the Strongbow bar later today.
All:: Cheers man.

While She Sleeps is currently on tour and have just released their latest album.