Chickenhawk. The name may instantly conjure up an image of a poultry-based, feathery product of creature splicing, but they are in fact a band consisting of four gentlemen from Leeds, who are really rather good. They might ring a bell to those in attendance at this year's Leeds Festival, as they took to the BBC Introducing Stage on the Thursday night warm-up bill, using the power of their progressive rock metal to excite and titillate the boozy masses. Having seen them both there, and at The University of Manchester's Welcome Party this year, I feel it's worth drawing these chaps to your attention if they haven't already been.

Why? Cos they don't hold back. They throw out their thrashy riff-heavy musical menace with the vigour of the limbs of a Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man. They fully sling themselves into the muck of rock n' roll without fretting about the lack of Vanish Oxi Action in the cupboard. They sear the faces of those in the near vicinity of their live performance...a la wincing into the harsh bright light of day after a boozy evening of unspeakable stupidity. They take to the stage like the noisiest sons of guns you ever did see.

The chaos they bring to through their relentless and fantastic brand of ear pummelling in tracks like 'Bottle Rocket' would suit those into bands like the brilliantly mad Pulled Apart By Horses. 'Scorpieau' brings to mind the much missed Death From Above 1979... if they were a hornets nest that had been enthusiastically prodded into a metal frenzy. One aural nibble on 'I Hate This, Do You Like It?' and I promise, those of you into your brash souped-up rock will be hooked. And your ears left smoking. As in hot... not puffing on cigars.

They will take you on a trip not too unlike hopping into a barrel and getting pushed down a really big hill. What, you've never done that? Ok, well, go to one of their sets instead it's pretty much the same. Except you probably won't feel so nauseous and just more invigorated by the pure power of rock. With rave reviews from your gospel-speaking metal literature mongers such as 'Kerrang!' and 'NME', not to mention nothing but the nod from us here at Room Thirteen, they really are an act to keep your eye on. 'Pray tell, how may we do this?', you cry. Well. Rather excitingly they have a stint supporting the infallibly sublime Alexisonfire on their October/November tour pencilled into the diary. And before this they've got a month or so on the road with We Are The Ocean from September 30th and a new album called 'Modern Bodies' out on November 1st. Now really is the time to get a peek at these chaps. Don't say we never treat you.